“We love Panache Enfants! Program is great and the teachers are awesome. We couldn’t have picked a better place for our kids!”

Lindsey Fonteno – Facebook

“Great program and curriculum! My son loves it and is growing sooo much!”

Arden Anderson – Facebook

“Childcare is the most difficult choice any parent will ever have to make. To me, the number one litmus test is “would I feel guilty while leaving my child with em and walking out of this daycare ?” And panache enfants has passed this with flying colors!! I have my twin boys enrolled here and have been loving it totally!

I am so impressed with how they care for my boys, I feel that is the best thing that could happen to em. In every field, following schedule, keeping the kids clean, changing diapers, feeding em well, keeping em engaged, actually caring for them and not doing it just for business sake… They are the best you can find!

I totally recommend it and you can only agree with me if you take a tour n feel for yourself!”

Sharvani Haran – Facebook

“I researched and/ or contacted most of the preschools in the Danville – San Ramon area before choosing Panache. They have a great teacher: student ratio, and follow a wonderful curriculum that includes many aspects of child development and education: social skills, critical thinking, science, literature, health (including yoga!), and much more!”

Michelle S., San Ramon, CA – Yelp

“I fell in love with this school as I first walked in. The staff are just great! […] The place is neat and clean, the rooms are enormous, new and well equipped. The curriculum and organization are excellent. Every time I came to pick up my son, he is always having fun or doing some project…I am very protective of my son, and it is always extremely difficult for me to leave him at school, but at Panache I leave him with a peace of mind. They also served organic healthy snacks which is great. I highly recommend this school.”

Mercia S., Clayton, CA – Yelp

“After my son’s preschool closed last month I was forced to find a new preschool that would nurture and love my son like his previous school did. After going to several schools, we were so lucky to find this one. My son LOVES to go to school and is eager to learn new things (like do pumpkins float?). What 3 year old wouldn’t love the opportunity to play with a pumpkin, a tub of water, and inside with friends? Instantly he felt home. The teachers have a loving touch and make my child feel safe and secure.”

K W., Concord, CA – Yelp

“Excellent First Impression. Staff Warm & Friendly. Clean, Learning Environment. My son is almost 3 years old .. he loves going to school , this is his first school , I saw him very happy , He is very happy & excited to go to school ..What else we want !!!!We love the director/teachers in the 2 year old class.(Miss Celina ) She goes above and beyond and works works very well with the children..We are very happy here!”

Ayusha Tak – Facebook

“These people are Great! I have two, a 2 year old and 3 year that love school now because of Panache Enfants!!! The staff are very nice, intelligent and dedicated people that deeply care about the development of each individual little student :). The facility is clean and full of wonder to keep the children curious and interested. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a place to begin their child’s education!

My daughter (3) wakes up almost everyday and asks “Is it a school day today?”, she’s always bummed when it’s not.”

Josh H., San Ramon, CA – Yelp