Early Preschool (2s)

Two year olds can get a bad rap with the generalization of the “Terrible 2s” phase. Here at Panache Enfants, we like to change this up a bit by referring to our 2s as the “Terrific 2s”!

Much of a 2 year old’s frustrations and subsequently popularized behavioral challenges can stem from the following:

  • Emerging language development – not yet having words to communicate or express
  • Assertion of growing independence
  • Natural tendency to begin pushing laid out boundaries

At Panache Enfants, our early preschool teachers recognize these challenges and embrace them in order to provide a program that is tailored to the developmental and social/emotional needs of these children.

Our Early Preschool program includes our full PanacheGurus curriculum with special emphasis on:

Toilet Training

  • Shows signs of readiness (pulling on/off pants, verbal cues, the “potty” dance, interest in trying to use toilet, etc.)
  • Parents are ready to commit to 2-4 weeks of training
  • Teachers and parents work in conjunction to train student effectively
  • Toilet training documentation put in place for 4 week period until student is fully trained
  • Student monitored ongoing for any signs of distress or regression indicating need to pull back from training temporarily

IMG_2827Gross/Fine Motor development

  • Jumping, hopping, skipping
  • Pedaling tricycles
  • Opening doors and containers, manipulation of moving objects and parts
  • Developing 3 point pincer grasp (holding writing utensils and drawing more discernible shapes)


Cognitive Development

  • Clarity of speech
  • Growing vocabulary developing into complex sentences
  • Following multi-step instructions
  • Counting, alphabet skills, matching, sorting
  • Cause and effect

Social/Emotional Development

  • Developing friendships
  • Interactive play
  • Developing emotions such as compassion, empathy and affection
  • Dramatic/Imaginary play
  • Teamwork, sharing, taking turns





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