Summer Camp

Summer is a time to enjoy the weather and relax our rigorous school curriculum to incorporate some fun topics and special events that may not be possible through the regular school year. We engage students of all ages in weekly themed summer activities which include fun as well as appropriate learning to ensure students maintain their age-appropriate developmental and academic milestones. The activities will span the various PanacheGurus areas including but not limited to literacy, math, science, etc.

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Some of the Weekly Themes may include:

  • Summer Luau Week
  • Dinosaurs and Fossil Dig
  • Outer Space Exploration
  • Beach/Under the Sea Fun
  • Around the World and Vacations
  • Fun at the Carnival
  • Wilderness Camping Trek
  • Field Trips (some field trips may require parents to be present, others may be chaperoned trips)
  • Picnic in the Park
  • Zoo, Aquarium or Museum

Also, please note, your child will have a minimum once-weekly Water Play opportunity. We ask parents provide a bathing suit, sunscreen, hat (optional), dry change of clothes here at school at all times through the summer weeks.