1. Panache Literaries – Early literacy program; Includes letter recognition, phonics, phonemics and other pre-reading/pre-writing skills alongside literature appreciation and public speaking. Lessons will incorporate social studies concepts, such as history, geography, social and community awareness.
  2. Panache Numerologists – Mathematical concepts & logic; Includes number recognition, introduction to adding/subtracting, basic measurement skills, shapes, patterns, mapping and other spatial/logical concepts.
  3. Panache Experimentologists – Science & Nature; Experiments and hands on activities focusing on themes such as the solar system, geology, Earth, animals, life cycles, ecosystems, dinosaurs, how things work and many more.
  4. Panache WhizKids – Technology; Introduction to basic computer skills such as operating a mouse and learning how to type name, along with respect and care for electronic equipment. Incorporates use of an interactive whiteboard into weekly lessons.
  5. Panache Artistes – Creative Arts; Includes performing, visual and musical arts such as music and movement, introduction to art history, creative and guided art using mediums such as clay, paint, chalk, pencils.
  6. Panache Yogis – Nutrition, Fitness & Health; healthy living concepts including the human body, nutritional needs, yoga, sports, and daily physical activity cycles.
  7. Panache with Panache – Life Skills; Includes concepts such as sharing, teamwork, and etiquette.