Where does the name come from?

pa•nache en•fants
(pAH-nAHsh AHN-fahnts)

In French, the name literally means children with energy and a flamboyant, confident style or manner. At Panache Enfants, we want to partner with parents to create confident, strong children who can take on the world of elementary education by storm.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide a cohesive variety of teaching methods to enable students with different learning styles the opportunity to grasp core academic and developmental concepts.

Early Learning Foundations

Our goal is to aid the development of healthy minds and bodies. We believe in an enriched preschool and childcare program, which prides itself on the amalgamation of academia, fitness and arts. At Panache Enfants, your child(ren) will be immersed in

      • Language and literacy
      • Math & Science
      • Creative, visual musical & performing arts
      • Social Studies
      • Technology
      • Yoga, gymnastics & sports
      • Cooking
      • Etiquette & Self regulation skills
      • And much much more!!

Teaching Methods

Our program does not believe in teaching one subject at one time, but rather including all of our core values into every aspect of the day. The following are the types of daily activities children will engage in:

    • Traditional, instructor led lessons
    • Discovery and play based learning opportunities
    • Mindful, guided learning centers in various learning domains
    • Interactive white board lessons