Different Philosophies of Early Childhood Education:

Early childhood education can veer in many different directions. Philosophers of early education research such as Maria Montessori, Jean Piaget, and Lev Vygotskty, formed theories and ideas which have become the foundations of many contemporary program philosophies.

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Where does Panache Enfants’ philosophy fall within this plethora of philosophies?

All early childhood learning philosophies have something important to contribute to the education of young students. Just as each child is unique and has a unique style of learning, the education we provide as teachers must be tailored to reach the individual student.

At Panache Enfants our goal is to disseminate learning content and goals in a diverse manner to be able to capture each student’s interest and learning style. We plan curriculum using a defined set of milestones and learning goals but keep the weekly and monthly content flexible enough to adapt to the interests of our students and teachers. We need to make sure a child learns that a square is a square but we can do that through art, worksheets, interactive games, and classroom hunts. Utilizing creative and diverse ways to teach and learn important concepts is the cornerstone of the philosophy of learning at Panache Enfants.

Our students will learn through the play and play environments while being guided by their teachers. We pair child-based learning with instructor-guided learning through every day. There is a base structure to each day and classroom within which students will have freedom to explore and engage creatively.

Ultimately our students will be more than Kindergarten-ready with a very strong base in academic concepts. They will also learn how to engage in socially appropriate manners with peers and teachers. All the while, they will have learned to foster their own skills and talents and accept challenges presented to them in ways that make sense to them individually.

Our Approach

It begins with the physical environment! The large, open, airy spaces we design for our students encourage movement, creativity and an environment meant to grow in. Instead of cramming students into minimized spaces meant to maximize revenues, we maximize learning and fun!

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide a cohesive variety of teaching methods to enable students with different learning styles the opportunity to grasp core academic and developmental concepts.

    Early Learning Foundations

    Our goal is to aid the development of healthy minds and bodies. We believe in an enriched preschool and childcare program, which prides itself on the amalgamation of academia, fitness and arts. At Panache Enfants, your child(ren) will be immersed in

    • Language and literacy
    • Math & Science
    • Creative, visual musical & performing arts
    • Social Studies
    • Technology
    • Yoga, gymnastics & sports
    • Cooking
    • Etiquette & Self regulation skills
    • And much much more!!

    Teaching Methods

    Our program does not believe in teaching one subject at one time, but rather including all of our core values into every aspect of the day. The following are the types of daily activities children will engage in:

    • Traditional, instructor led lessons
    • Discovery and play based learning opportunities
    • Mindful, guided learning centers in various learning domains
    • Interactive white board lessons