PanacheGurus Curriculum

The PanacheGurus curriculum is one very deeply rooted in a strong language arts foundation. We believe that all early learning can and should stem from a firm base in the four areas of language arts:

Oral SkillsIMG_2254

Listening Skills

Reading Skills

Writing Skills

At Panache Enfants, we incorporate the highly reputed, Common Core aligned, Core Knowledge programs in our uniquely developed PanacheGurus curriculum. As the K-12 education system has overwhelmingly moved to a Common Core philosophy, our PanacheGurus program has adapted to ensure that our students seamlessly transition from Junior Kindergarten into K-12.

Core Knowledge and PanacheGurus maintain the belief that children must be exposed to content areas along a systematic path that accounts for layering of knowledge chronologically through time. It is imperative to understand the concept of individual people before learning about communities of people and later countries and the world. At Panache Enfants we couple this content based learning approach with a distinct emphasis on developmentally appropriate skill based learning.

We utilize a system of assessments that incorporate the California DRDPs along with Core Knowledge assessments to ensure our students are meeting the important academic and developmental milestones expected for each stage. These assessments are key in developing lesson plans weekly and monthly that will most effectively address the learning goals of each student.

  • Panache Literaries – Early literacy program; Includes letter recognition, phonics, phonemics and other pre-reading/pre-writing skills alongside literature appreciation and public speaking. Lessons will incorporate social studies concepts, such as history, geography, social and community awareness.


  • Panache Numerologists – Mathematical concepts & logic; Includes number recognition, introduction to adding/subtracting, basic measurement skills, shapes, patterns, mapping and other spatial/logical concepts.


  • Panache Experimentologists – Science & Nature; Experiments and hands on activities focusing on themes such as the solar system, geology, Earth, animals, life cycles, ecosystems, dinosaurs, how things work and many more.


  • Panache WhizKids – Technology; Introduction to basic computer skills such as operating a mouse and learning how to type name, along with respect and care for electronic equipment. Incorporates use of an interactive whiteboard into weekly lessons.


  • Panache Artistes – Creative Arts; Includes performing, visual and musical arts such as music and movement, introduction to art history, creative and guided art using mediums such as clay, paint, chalk, pencils.


  • Panache Yogis – Nutrition, Fitness & Health; healthy living concepts including the human body, nutritional needs, yoga, sports, and daily physical activity cycles.


  • Panache with Panache – Life Skills; Includes concepts such as sharing, teamwork, and etiquette.

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