About Us

row of pplWhere does the name come from?

pa•nache en•fants
(pAH-nAHsh AHN-fahnts)

In French, the name literally means children with energy and a flamboyant, confident style or manner. At Panache Enfants, we want to partner with parents to create confident, strong children who can take on the world of elementary education by storm.

Panache Enfants was conceived of by a family looking to up the ante in an industry where common practice is often the norm as opposed to best practice. They wanted an educational system that provided their own children with a well-rounded care environment as well as the academic integrity required to set their children up for success as future leaders, educators and professionals. The family wanted their own children to be put through an early childhood experience that balanced developmentally appropriate childhood education (“after all, kids need to be kids!”) with academic challenge (“we want the best and highest level education for our kids because it is so competitive!!”). And so a company was formed with its main goal being family partnerships to continue molding to the needs of families while still maintaining a strong foundation in best practice.






The family-operated company chooses to value best practice above all else. Important values, philosophies and ideals are kept in mind when formulating all aspects of programs. Research as well as parent feedback always guides our programs and operations. When we opened doors in 2013, we had 2 enrolled children and 4 staff members. Through our first year, we have grown more than ten-fold and continue heading in that direction. Through this exponential growth, we have never lost sight of the ideals and principles of excellence that the company was founded on. We welcome you to the Panache family and hope you find our focus on panache and excellence infectious!

Shilpa Panech, Co-Founder

Shilpa has been immersed in the childcare industry since the age of 8 when her parents opened their first preschool. She found herself working in preschool for her first official job as a teenager, and helping out around the school years before that. As a young adult, Shilpa pursued her education in Finance and Marketing at NYU. Her minor in Psychology is really where her passion lay and has helped her come full cycle back to the beginning. After having children of her own, Shilpa now wants to utilize her diverse professional background to stimulate change in the field of early childhood education. She wants to see her vision of a modern, top-quality program come to fruition at Panache Enfants. As a self-proclaimed lifelong student, Shilpa has taken her commitment to childcare to heart and has completed extensive coursework in the field of Early Childhood Education. And her personal mission to bring quality back to the lives of families is what drives her to create such a diversified program at school. As she says, “If parents know their children are getting all the cognitive, social, emotional and physical stimulation they require at school, then they can spend a little more time on the weekends kicking around a ball or reading together. They don’t have to drive the Mommy/Daddy taxi all weekend!” Shilpa and her husband live with their two boys and daughter in Pleasanton.