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Infants & Toddlers


Infants (0-1)

Infants receive highest level of on-demand care along with mindful attention to developmental and social milestones. Opportunities for play and one-on-one verbal interactions will begin the path of language development.

Primary Goal: On demand care

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Toddler Curriculum (1-2)

Toddlers will begin to transition from on-demand care to a classroom routine while still addressing their need for affection and care. Students will be immersed in multiple language opportunities including story-telling, singing and talking.

Primary Goal: Developing daily routines

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Early Preschool (2s)

Early preschoolers will complete the transition to a preschool classroom setting where the emphasis will begin to shift from parallel to interactive play and to development of oral and listening skills.

Primary Goal: Development of social & group skills

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Preschool (3s)

Late preschoolers will solidify basic oral and listening skills and begin pre-reading and pre-writing learning while being immersed in a school day routine and environment. Social and emotional skills will continue to develop through ongoing language development.

Primary Goal: Acclimation to classroom routine & structure

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Pre-K (4s)

Pre-kindergartners will move on to the path of academic readiness along with continued development and gorwth in social and emotional situations. Along with growth in pre-reading and pre-writing skills, special attention will be paid to budding problem solving abilities.

Primary Goal: Kindergarten readiness

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Junior Kindergarten (5s)

Junior Kindergartners will be exposed to a wide array of literacy activities through which they will begin reading and writing. Students will be encouraged to immerse in problem solving and analytical thinking through academic and social interactions.

Primary Goal: More than Kindergarten ready

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Panache Kindergarten

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