• New, progressive program with learning exposures in a variety of areas
  • Academically challenging while maintaining developmental integrity
  • 7 academic domains within PanacheGurus curriculum


  • 8,000+ square feet for only 72 children!
  • Over 1,000 sq. ft. designated for enrichment and indoor physical activity
  • Brand-new furnishings and toys developmentally appropriate for all ages
  • 80” interactive Promethean board for technological support

The Panache difference

  • We LISTEN – our aim is to be the most flexible to your needs. We are providing you with a service and our goal is to achieve 100% satisfaction.
  • We LEARN – your child is at the core of our program. We consider his/her routine, preferences, culture and abilities in everything we do.
  • We PARTNER – a smooth transition from home to school only happens through a true partnership between families, schools and teachers.
  • We TEACH – At Panache, your child will be immersed in experiences and opportunities to learn every moment of every day.