Toddler Curriculum (1-2)

Anyone with a toddler knows first-hand the importance of having an appropriate toddler-friendly environment! These little ones are constantly on the move and a toddler classroom must respond to this in a dynamic yet safe way. Our Panache toddler classrooms are designed exactly in this manner. Our teachers are mindful in keeping the environment safe of hazards, making hygiene a priority, and filling it up with toddler-friends learning tools.

Our toddler curriculums grow from our infant curriculum towards our preschool curriculums by beginning to incorporate all of the content and learning areas included in our unique PanacheGurus curriculum.

Our Toddler program includes the full PanacheGurus curriculum with special emphasis on:

Website14Gross/Fine Motor development

  • More stable walking
  • Kicking
  • Developing 3 point pincer grasp (holding crayons and scribbling)

Cognitive Development

  • Growing vocabulary developing into simple 2 or 3 word sentences
  • Following single and two-step instructions


Social/Emotional Development

  • Independent and Parallel play
  • Developing emotions such as compassion and kindness for peers
  • Dramatic play

Sensory Exposures

  • Paints
  • Water play
  • Exploring different textures (examples – shaving cream, gels, paints, soft foods, etc.) through play





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